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The MIT Club of Argentina has completed the process of migrating to the new MIT Alumni Association online software environment, "Encompass" by iModules Software Inc. We are currently looking for volunteers for the different special interest "groups" (such as K-12 Educational Outreach and Energy) as well as alumni/ae interested in other activities related to MIT. Please contact Ms. Alicia Semino.


Working Breakfast with Gaston Remy (Dow Argentina)

Co-organized with UPenn & Wharton and Stanford Alumni Clubs

Tuesday 30 August, 8:30 am, Pur Sang, Quintana 191, 1st Floor, Buenos Aires




Te invitamos al evento de premiación de Innovadores menores de 35 Argentina & Uruguay, un reconocimiento de MIT Technology Review en español.

¿Qué encontrarás?

  • Expertos del MIT
  • Emprendedores que han triunfado con sus empresas.
  • Científicos exitosos que transforman el mundo con sus ideas.
  • Jóvenes disruptivos presentando sus proyectos extraordinarios

Lugar: Tecnópolis, Buenos Aires
Fecha: 23 de Septiembre de 2016
Hora: 9:00am

¡Aforo limitado!









Saturday, September 3rd 2016 from 10 am to 2 pm

Naval Center Headquarters, Florida 801, Buenos Aires

Addressed to Argentine students who plan to attend foreign universities.

They will have the opportunity to receive information from former graduates that already have gained experience of studying abroad.

Organized by FUNDACION ALFA (Alumni Foundation of Argentina) www.fundacionalfa.org.ar



Argentine Expedition to North Pole 2016

  Santiago Tita 

MIT Sloan Fellows Program in Innovation and Global Leadership MBA 2017, holding the MIT flag




Information on this annual event at NEWS


MIT AA Club Councils

Martín Aboitiz Uriarte (1979)

Liaison for the MIT Club of Argentina

at the MIT Latin America Council

Global Entrepreneurship Lab (G-Lab)


Argentine Companies Participate in an MIT Global Program

Gabriela Samela, Clarin Ieco, February 22, 2016

(full article at NEWS)


Short stories by Prof. Osvaldo Peusner (CH 1968) at: http://www.humordeosvaldo.com.ar/

Osvaldo left MIT with a Chemical Engineering degree, a specialized degree in Philosophy and a  Lifeguarding Licence  from the International Red Cross. None of these disciplines are of his interest. That was half a century ago. Since then, particularly in his work activities, Osvaldo concentrated his fleeting knowledge on humor. The first victim was Du Pont Argentina, where he manufactured yarns for undergarments and, especially, for waste polymer deposits at their Berazategui factory. Neither Techint nor Davy McKee (Houston) could avoid his agitated management as director of labyrinthine projects. Even  I.T.B.A. itself suffered in its headquarters at Puerto Madero, where he became full professor in project management and a noisy dean of admissions. In the end, because fortunatelly everything has an end, Osvaldo became professor of literary humour at Malba Museum. The perfect subject at the perfect place. Now he is working in the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and writes the page: “El humor de Osvaldo”. Please, read it before he and his words erase.


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